Little did he know…

Rob RusherMy name is Rob Rusher, I am an entrepreneur and software guy. Specifically, I focus on engaging client applications. I’ve spent many years building business applications with Internet technologies and have shared much of what I have learned along the way. I have worked on projects for the biggest names on the Internet. I have been laid off by major a corporation. I have started and sold companies. I have authored articles, books, presentations and training materials. I have founded multiple software user groups in Denver, CO. I have fallen in the “don’t fall” zone while extreme snow skiing. I prefer bourbon over scotch. I love to experience life. I am actively involved in the developer community and think you should be too. I am passionate about rich clients across devices and believe that they will change the way we create and live.

I feel that I have done a lot in my career, but I never forget that I still know very little in the grand scheme of things.



On3 SoftwareI founded On3 in 2001 after being laid off from Macromedia. Since then I’ve been involved with a few companies that are now my competition. :) I guess it wouldn’t be a challenge without a little competition, now would it.
On3 is focused on creating applications that are easy to use, fits expectations, meets goals. We work to streamline the consumer journey: making it simple, intuitive, human and beautiful.
Our team of user experience architects and software engineers work with clients to better design, structure and enhance applications to deliver the best experience for consumers. On3 provides team-focused consulting and training to help organizations shorten their IT learning curve and master next-generation technologies. Beyond incisive and effective teaching, we specialize in cultivating long-term, self-sustaining IT practices for organizations.