CFSWITCH Performance Issue in CFMX 7

You will find this on a couple blogs, but since I”ve given presentations on ColdFusion performance since the Allaire days, I thought I should share.

My friends at webapper discovered an issue with CFSWITCH under load where the expression was a string.

In my presentations, I often encouraged the use of CFSWITCH over using if/elseif logic. This practice was a result of load testing applications with SilkPerformer. Under load, an application will show its true colors.

I still do recommend this practice, but now with a caveat. It has been found that string expressions in the CFSWITCH tag do not perform as well as numerics. Therefore, you should try to make these expressions numerics or evaluate if changing to CFIF/CFELSEIF would help your application.

Thanks Daryl for an excellent find!

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