Flex 2 Training

I”m very excited that Flex 2 was finally released, but not for the reasons you may think. I”ve been working with Flex 2 since the alpha version, so I”ve gotten very familiar with it. So much so that I upgraded my instructor certification from Flex 1.5 to Flex 2.

All you code monkeys, myself included, should take note that Flex 2 is quite different than Flex 1.x and will require some study time. Or you can attend any of the four classes:

  • Flex 2: Developing Rich Internet Client Applications
  • Flex 2: Data and Communications
  • Flex 2: Building Dashboard Applications
  • Flex 2: Designing the Visual Experienc

Flex 2: Developing Rich Internet Client Applications will primarily be for those new to Flex. Soup to nuts, how to build Flex 2 applications.

Flex 2: Data and Communications will expect you to be very familiar with Flex 2. It will focus on server components and special features.

Flex 2: Building Dashboard Applications is well… all charting.

Flex 2: Designing the Visual Experience will focus on building Flex 2 applications using the visual tools and enhancing the styles and themes. Great for designers or the rare programmer/designer.

There is also an ActionScript 3 for Flex class.

About Rob Rusher

In his role as Principal Consultant for On3, Rob leads an software development practice to help his clients build rich Internet applications for the desktop, browser, and mobile devices, and to rapidly increase their knowledge and skills to better support their organization's goals. Rob is an Adobe Certified Expert, Community Professional, and Certified Instructor. He has taught and mentored the technical teams at HP, Overstock, Paychex, SAS, the FedEx, and other Government and Fortune 100 organizations. Rob has co-authored four best-selling books on building secure, cutting-edge and rapidly developed applications using Adobe AIR, ColdFusion and Flex. He is very active in organizing and speaking at RIA, Adobe LiveCycle, mobile conferences, and user groups. In addition to growing his software consulting practice, On3, Rob has been building expertise in rich client application development on a wider variety of devices and platforms that extend the applications to change the way we all create and live.