Flex Builder 2 Tips & Tricks

Copy a line:
Place the cursor on desired line or select multiple lines.
Press and hold the Ctrl + Alt keys. Use the up/down arrow keys to duplicate line(s).

Move a line:
Place the cursor on the desired line or select multiple lines.
Press and hold the Alt key. Use the up/down arrow keys to move the line(s).

Delete a line:
Place the cursor on the desired line or select multiple lines.
Press the Ctrl + D.

Indent Text:
Place the cursor on the desired line or select multiple lines.
Press the Tab key to increase the indent.
Press and hold the Shift key. Use the Tab key to decrease the indent.

Code Complete:
If you are in a tag and just want a list of it”s properties. Press the Ctrl and SpaceBar.
If you start typing, AS or MXML, and press the Ctrl and SpaceBar it will complete the property/method if there are no other possible matches otherwise you get a list.
From the list, use the up/down arrows to highlight an item and the Enter to insert the item.

Insert Comment Block:
Select text and press Ctrl + Shift + C. (good for both AS and MXML)

Insert an ASDoc Comment:
Place the cursor where you would like to place a comment and press Crtl + Shift + D.

And for those of us that are annoyed by import lists that are out of order:
Press Crtl + Shift + O to organize the imports in an AS file in case sensitive order.

Code Navigation:
Below the Navigator View on the left-hand side is the Outline View. From here you can quickly jump to tags in the current file. Type a letter and it will jump through those tags that are visible.
Double click on a component in the outline and it will open that file.
Hold the Ctrl and mouse around an AS or MXML file. Notice that many things turn into hyperlinks that will take you to the source for that item. i.e. Ctrl + click a component to open the component file, Ctrl + click a variable or a method, etc…

Switching Between Open Files:
Press and hold the Alt key while pressing the left or right arrow key.

Switching Between Views:
Press and hold the Ctrl key while pressing the F7 key.

Converting selected text to lowercase or uppercase press Ctrl + Shift + Y or Ctrl + Shift + X respectively.

Brace Highlighting:
Place the cursor after either the open or close to see the opposite one highlighted.

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