iPhone Bootcamp at CFUnited

Beginning iPhone Bootcamp
If you’re a developer who wants to write applications that run on the iPhone, you should attend the Beginning iPhone Bootcamp at CFUnited.

The first two units of the course are devoted to learning Objective-C, followed by an intensive iPhone Bootcamp. Beginning iPhone Bootcamp will take you from complete novice to being able to build an iPhone application with confidence. After an introduction to Objective-C and the Foundation framework, we jump into the toolchain and the classes that make up the iPhone UI framework. Lots of practical advice and lots of hands-on walkthroughs.

In this one day bootcamp we will not cover everything about the iPhone, but it will certainly get you started and enhance your confidence in building your first “app for that”.

Need more than a bootcamp? At On3, we will be releasing a 5 day training course for building iPhone applications using the 3.0 SDK. We plan on holding the first class in early August at our training center location in Downtown Denver.