Virgin Flight or Party?

In my business there is sometimes a bit of travel and it is always a struggle to get better travel conditions. Then is often a crap shoot whether you will stuck between two BIG smelly guys or the kids.

Virgin Airways seems to be trying to DV8 from the norm.  Power at every seat. Ethernet and USB at every seat with wireless broadband connection coming soon. Which is all very cool, but what takes the cake is their in-flight entertainment system. On top of the music, video and games (yes games) on the 9 inch touch screen, they have this very cool airborne social network where you can communicate with anyone on the plane via IM, chat room, sms, email, etc…

They also have this SuperFly Wednesday promo where everyone gets free drinks. I so can’t wait for them to start service to my home town. Finally an airline with an open mind and plans for innovating.

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